Tips To Consider While Incorporating Gamification In Elearning Courses

Tips to consider while incorporating gamification in eLearning coursesAs far as ‘including fun elements in training’, aka ‘gamification’ is concerned, many eLearning content developers shirk from it. They wrongly presume that gamification doesn’t play a significant role in the ‘serious’ business of eLearning. Moreover, they think that it consumes more time, money, resources to build end-to-end gamification, compared to the regular course content.

As a result, many content developers end up building placid, un-interactive, non-engaging content, especially when eLearning gamification in training would have made their courses so effective. Hence, we wouldn’t find many eLearning training courses resorting to gamification strategies in eLearning. But, of late, the trend looks progressive in terms of incorporating gamification for e-learning.