Plug And Socket eLearning Interactive Sample 

A plug and socket are electrical devices used to connect electrical appliances and equipment to a power supply.

One way to describe learning is as the process of ‘establishing neural connections in learner’s brain’. After establishing connections, a trainer tries to strengthen those connections for lasting effects.

We have implemented the above principle in one of our recent eLearning course developments. The course aimed to train networking students about different types of ports and their corresponding cables. Upon completing the learning process, learners should be able to identify correct port for the given cable, distinguishing the right female port for the respective male port.

We have devised a two-stage learning strategy. The first stage focuses on establishing neural connections, while the second stage is dedicated to strengthening those connections. Both the stages are briefly described below:

Stage 1: Linear approach, where ports and their respective cables are displayed one after the other on the screen.

Stage 2: A game-like interaction in which different ports and their respective cables are concealed in different shelves of a wooden rack. This interaction helps learner practice the learned content.

Based on the same principle, an interaction is created using musical instruments. Click on the below link to appreciate the strategy.


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How does the Memory Game enhance learning?

The Memory Game offered by Swift Elearning Services is designed to enhance learning through engaging and interactive methods. By incorporating gamification principles, the game stimulates cognitive functions, promoting better retention and understanding of educational content. Participants are encouraged to recall information actively, strengthening memory recall pathways.

What subjects or topics can the Memory Game be applied to?

The versatility of Swift Elearning Services Memory Game allows its application to a wide range of subjects and topics. Whether it’s corporate training modules, academic subjects, or skill development courses, the game can be customized to suit various educational contexts.

Is there a tutorial or guide available to help me understand how to play the memory game?

Yes, Swift eLearning Services provides a tutorial or guide within the memory game interface. Look for an “Instructions” or “How to Play” section to get a comprehensive understanding of the game mechanics.

Are there any specific system requirements for playing the memory game?

The memory game has minimal system requirements. Ensure you have a modern web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) with JavaScript enabled for optimal performance.

Is the memory game compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, the memory game on Swift eLearning Services is compatible with mobile devices. You can play it on your smartphone or tablet for a convenient learning experience.

Can I track my progress or scores in the memory game?

Yes, the memory game on Swift eLearning Services may not provide a built-in progress tracking feature.

Can I customize the content or themes of the memory game to align with specific learning objectives?

Yes, we offer customization options for the content or themes of the memory game. Our custom e-learning solutions are tailored to seamlessly integrate and enhance your specific requirements.