Gamified Elearning Course using Articulate Storyline 360


The word Gamification is the most buzzing word in the eLearning industry. It is one of the learning and development strategies to captivate learners’ attention. Some surveys show that the employees who trained using gamification approach have higher completion rates than using the traditional approach. Hence, most of the organizations are opting for a gamification approach in their courses.

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Game Based Learning – Custom Claw Machine Interaction


We would love to unravel the challenges that are requested by our clients. Recently we got a game based customization request from one of our clients from Dubai (UAE). The requirement was to develop elearning courses for their academic curriculum (K12). They possess raw materials and need to convert paper-based material into elearning.

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Gamification and Virtual Reality Being a Trend Setter in eLearning

Gamification and Virtual Reality

When you feel like nothing is important more than learning, then you can think out of the box and add new dimensions to your ideas. In this context, Gamification has evolved by bringing online learning as a game to immerse the learners in life-like scenarios by virtual walkthroughs smearing virtual reality with it. Virtual reality and Gamification will transform the future learning process of any industry in more than one way.

Combining Gamification and Virtual Reality will be a game changer technology and unlocks the smart learning possibilities that give the real meaning of hands-on-experience. This can be one kind of Mixed Reality in normal terms.

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Articulate Storyline Interactive Quiz Templates

Interactive Quiz templates_cover

Collection of eLearning templates to help budding developers and instructional designer.

Click on images to get template details.

Quiz-003 Multiple Text Entry

This Articulate Storyline quiz template has used a Text entry question type template. The template has an absolutely simplistic design yet the template is quite eye-catching. The interface appears to have a table with four columns. The first of the columns have the words keyed in, but the rest three columns are empty which the learners have to fill appropriately.

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Creating Engaging eLearning is Now Amazingly Simple

Swift eLearning_Interactions

We, at Swift, started a concept of filling the gap between the Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers to make the learning content more interactive. After spending a decade in eLearning Industry, we’ve come across many challenges. And the most pressing challenge was that the client wanted the content to be interactive, however, sometimes our ID team ran out of new ideas.

To address this, we started creating a library based on the experience of our Instructional Designers and also gathered insights from various eLearning experts. Read more

A Case Study on How Gamification Can Supercharge Your Online Training

We recently worked with a major financial services company to create online compliance training for its sales division. The training was aimed to build a risk-aware culture and educate financial advisers on the key compliance requirements. Client was specific about the training effectiveness because the surveys from earlier trainings revealed learner disengagement. Considering the dry subject matter and importance of business requirements, we proposed gamification as part of our instructional design strategy to maximise the learner engagement.

Gamification and online training - Cowboy shooting

What We Did…

We used the game mechanics along with the job-related scenarios and engaging narrative in the eLearning course. On top of it, the challenging and rewarding nature of the game would provide the learners with loads of excitement and pull them into the course.

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With Instructional Designing Static Content Can Become Interactive

As an Instructional Designer, in every project, I come across certain challenging situations where I feel like I am constantly running out of ideas. But this time, before I could start the project, I was completely blank. Reason – We got a requirement to turn a simple quiz with true and false questions into an interactive output.

Instructional Designing interactive Content

“Can you imagine a course which has absolutely no content, no graphics, no animations, no interactions?”, but just a bunch of questions and the expectations of client to build an interactive eLearning course.

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