Is Elucidat Analytics a Replacement to Traditional LMS?

Elucidat is a cloud-based eLearning Authoring Tool which provides responsive eLearning courses faster and easier. Elucidat makes eLearning development smooth and easy through its pre-built functionalities that are readily available for us to use. Elucidat Analytics is one of such functionalities that has been recently introduced. The best part of the analytics feature is, we can easily track whether the learner has passed or failed in an assessment. This helps us in designing better assessments for the learners.
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Are Mobile Learning Apps a Necessity or Just a Fad in Corporate Training?

Mobile learning or mLearning is being widely used to deliver training at the point of need. Recent statistics on Mobile App Usage reveal that the mobile learning through apps is currently a major means for most of the organizations to reach-out their diverse workforce to provide on demand corporate online training. Introduction of mobile apps in eLearning is trending across the globe irrespective of gender and work-processes. It provides training on the go without internet connection.

Top 6 eLearning Trends to Watch Out For 2017

Are you an eLearning designer, learning and development professional or an instructional designer? The year 2016 has been a great year in eLearning industry. This blog post provides an overview on Top 6 eLearning Development Trends, predictions or forecast in 2017 you should know. These emerging eLearning trends of 2017 include Gamification, Mobile Learning, Microlearning, Automated eLearning Course Authoring, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), Personalized Learning and Big Data.