Soon Elearning Will Be A Thing of the Past!

Recent studies on eLearning courses being developed and own eLearning vendor management experiences suggest that the dynamics causing this setback is the surge of new breed of eLearning service providers and freelancers. Generally, the more number of suppliers bring more competitive efficiency, but this positive development has a chick; the incompetency. My recent interactions with industry experts from different parts of the world has made me write about the increasing negative perception on eLearning effectiveness. Majority of the elearning suppliers lag behind in proper implementations of Section 508, mLearning, micro learning, SCORM etc. and handling issues related to elearning course deployment on LMS.
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Augmented Reality – A New Dawn of Possibilities in Online Training / eLearning

The concept of augmenting the real world by virtual data has started in late 1970s. In 1990, Augmented Reality (AR) was coined by Tom Caudell. Since then, Augmented Reality has been adopted by few large corporations for visualization and training purposes. In this blog, we will discuss the Five possible areas where you can apply augmented reality to enhance training results. Cost-effectiveness and simplicity of application are the two most important parameters to check in every possibility.

Top 6 eLearning Trends to Watch Out For 2017

Are you an eLearning designer, learning and development professional or an instructional designer? The year 2016 has been a great year in eLearning industry. This blog post provides an overview on Top 6 eLearning Development Trends, predictions or forecast in 2017 you should know. These emerging eLearning trends of 2017 include Gamification, Mobile Learning, Microlearning, Automated eLearning Course Authoring, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), Personalized Learning and Big Data.