Best Authoring Tools For Rapid eLearning Development – Comparison

Best authoring tools

Way of learning needs lead to create various authoring tools to meet the learner requirements and the training models. Though there are various best authoring tools and each tool has its own identity to stand in the race of technology by integrating the components that are required for the learners so as to enhance the learning experience and retention.

Let’s see some of the tools that are tailored to meet the learner needs.

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Create lesson with custom block type in Articulate Rise

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Apart from the pre-built lesson types, we can build our own lesson types with custom blocks in Articulate Rise.
Preset layout blocks in block type lets us create a distinctive lesson that fits in any screen size. Various block types are available to meet the learner requirements.

The table below shows the block type with their layout block names and the purpose of use. Let’s have a look.