Team Building Through Chemistry | Online Training Course

Team-Building-through-ChemistryTeams are unavoidable in any business, and so is the chemistry between its member(s); I, for one, would bank on it especially in a new setting, wherein chemistry always came naturally. When you first went to grad school, I am sure it was ‘chemistry’ that you looked for during the orientation, and it is probably due to that chemistry why you have those select few that you still communicate with. My first day at the faculty offices reminded me of the chemistry that I was looking for, and of course, is the reason I still exchange mail with my past colleagues.

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Best online training course for Customer Support

Course Overview:

As a marketing teacher in this part of the world, it was difficult to convince my students what customer service meant, let alone guaranteed customer satisfaction’ or 100 percent satisfaction’ and better yet money back guarantee’. The definition of customer service varies and can be best studied as customer service AND customer support/satisfaction as on the two ends of the spectrum. But there’s more to it…

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Social Media Marketing Online Course, Certification & Training

Social-Media-MarketingCourse Overview:

Nay for Facebook! I, for one, never have had the chance to sign up for facebook; although wanting to be on FB for once but never have had the time; now it don’t make any sense to sign up with facebook or any other newer social site for that matter given the explosion of these social icons reminscent of proliferation theory; I could go as far as twitter and liked it but it was back then and now I could hardly even think of considering a newer social site such as pinterest’ or ahhhh…. Whatever your social tool is and for the business you are in, I am sure it is in accordance with your strategy. Taking about the strategy, even an everyday email needs to be strategic or be targeted strategically as for the better part of day. So, if you are on a social site actively pursuing, then I am sure you have a purpose and everything you do is a purposeful action. And for those of you who are on every other social platform, does it seem purposeful for you to spend the time or would you rather not be for your sake and sustainable development.

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Conducting Annual Employee Review, eLearning Course & Certification Training

Conducting-Annual-Employee-ReviewCourse Overview:

An annual review can help you keep your employees happy, engaged, and focused. It is human nature to want to succeed. Giving your employees feedback on their positive and negative attributes is part of the pathway to success. A poorly designed annual review can have the reverse effect. With our Conducting Annual Employee Reviews workshop, the participants will discover how to conduct a well-designed employee review. By determining the categories for an annual review and understanding how it affects employee behavior, an overall increase in performance should be seen throughout your organization.

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