Gamification and Virtual Reality Being a Trend Setter in eLearning

Gamification and Virtual Reality

When you feel like nothing is important more than learning, then you can think out of the box and add new dimensions to your ideas. In this context, Gamification has evolved by bringing online learning as a game to immerse the learners in life-like scenarios by virtual walkthroughs smearing virtual reality with it. Virtual reality and Gamification will transform the future learning process of any industry in more than one way.

Combining Gamification and Virtual Reality will be a game changer technology and unlocks the smart learning possibilities that give the real meaning of hands-on-experience. This can be one kind of Mixed Reality in normal terms.

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Rejuvenate Your Digital Learning Solutions with Mobile and Microlearning

Mobile Learning and Micro Learning

Learning proportions of the millennial workforce does matter for the improved results in an organization to be successful, including learning. Smartphone became a digital gateway for the learners to learn new things over the last few years. Hence most of the organizations made their move towards mobile learning and microlearning to deliver both formal and informal training for their staff. There are range of eLearning authoring tools that support these technologies to create more effective online learning. These evolutionary technologies are amazing addition to the L&D educational ecosystem.

Here you can see what exactly mobile learning and microlearning are meant for.

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Articulate Storyline Interactive Quiz Templates

Interactive Quiz templates_cover

Collection of eLearning templates to help budding developers and instructional designer.

Click on images to get template details.

Quiz-003 Multiple Text Entry

This Articulate Storyline quiz template has used a Text entry question type template. The template has an absolutely simplistic design yet the template is quite eye-catching. The interface appears to have a table with four columns. The first of the columns have the words keyed in, but the rest three columns are empty which the learners have to fill appropriately.

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Top 5 Benefits of Custom eLearning in Retail Industry

Top 5 Benefits of Custom eLearning

In the Retail Industry, custom eLearning offers massive benefits as opposed to the traditional instructor-led training in terms of retail employee training. Training the sales staff pose industry specific challenges such as restricted training budgets, dispersed workforce, high turnover rates, etc. Embracing custom eLearning for product knowledge, onboarding, compliance and sales skills would help retailers overcome these challenges. Read more

International Women’s Day: Influential Women Who Made Impact in eLearning

International Womens Day_Swift eLearning

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” This quote by Diane Mariechild reiterates the power of a woman, her ability to mold herself to the tough situations, and transform the world with her thoughts and ideas. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we bring you the Influential and Inspiring Women who are also the thought leaders in eLearning 2017. These women have made their mark in the eLearning or corporate training world with their thoughts, books, ideologies, philosophies, and so on. Read more

Is Video-Based content the Future of Elearning?

Video Based Learning_Swift_eLearning

Video-Based eLearning, the widely accepted eLearning trend, is gaining momentum like never before. Now what makes it trendy is, its shorter, crispier and engaging nature – changing the way how people learn. Video-Based eLearning, if designed correctly, based on instructional design principles, could be the most engaging way to hold learner’s attention. Gamification, Scenario-based eLearning along with Video-Based Learning could be the right approach to bid adieu to so called “Click Next” – traditional eLearning.

As videos have become a staple of today’s generation, we can see a significant demand for video-based learning in the Learning and Development sector. In this blog, we will discuss why video-based eLearning can be the future of eLearning. Read more

Top 7 eLearning blogs of 2016 by Swift

Top 07 Elearning blogs of 2016 - Swift Elearning

The year 2016 was a busy and productive year for Swift eLearning. We tried to help readers with our blogs covering different eLearning topics and trends.  As a result of our work, we got applauded with good feedback which would stand as a great sign of encouragement to increase our quality for next coming years. In case you missed our blogs, we’ve summarized you to have a glance over our top 7 eLearning blogs of 2016 based on the traffic we received. Read more

Top 4 Books Every Elearning Professional Must Read

Top 4 eLearning Books

As Dr. Suess said, “The MORE that you READ, the more things you’ll know. The More you’ll LEARN, the more PLACES you’ll Go.” This saying holds true for eLearning designers especially instructional designers. The most important quality for an eLearning professional would be “the appetite to Read and Learn more” while staying updated with the current eLearning trends. In my research, I discovered the following 4 eLearning books that are must-read to design eLearning courses effectively.

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Soon Elearning Will Be A Thing of the Past!

Soon_elearning_will_be_a_ thing_of_the_past

I am sure your pupils must have been dilated.

Yes of course, if not soon but little later, we may be reading the demise story of eLearning. Yes, it’s sadly true – eLearning is losing its glory, big time! But, do you know – what factors might have contributed to its demise?

My recent interactions with industry experts from different parts of the world has made me write about the increasing negative perception on eLearning effectiveness. It is natural that if anything loses its efficacy will be losing its demand and one day becomes the thing of the past. Read more